this is the original report with version 1.0 dated march 2013. Several changes have been applied in v2.0,  but the report is still valid for most of its contents. Where applicable, updates are given in red, with reference to this website.

maxergy report -march2013 -with updates 010116


The example of the beam , described under Method, , has been indepth studied and researched as part of  a 4 year Dutch research project IMDEP: the quest for a optimal facade roof skin, in terms of energy performance in a combination of  insulation and energy production by PV, evaluated by MAXergy. One of the tasks was to study the best material for prefab facade/roof elements. aluminium, steel wood and (modiefied structural)  bamboo are compared by Jos Houben ( PhD research Zuyd University).



in the same project Michiel Ritzen studied ….

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