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The documents below are  the excell files to calculate following the original approach (2013/2016). With new insights from MAXergy 3.0, this can be more simplified. But this work still has to be carried out….


This page contains  the excell file, (below)  in which most of the data are gathered, and contains an example calculation for a basic house. The house was designed by students, and ambition was to make it near 100% biobased. In the end around 80 % was from renewable origin. As well as it should be a 0-energy house, generating its own renewable energy .

The Embodied Land for materials is a straight on calculation as described before. For (operational) energy its calculated that ( in this case) 100 m2 of PV is needed. Which implies 100 m2 panels (Polycrystalline/ PVp)  to be installed. Each having EL as well. This has been calculated in a separate EL calculation for a PVp panel ( excell below as well) and this is imported in the caclulation  not as materials but as EL from ‘ components’ ).

maxergy scheme

The calculation is made to the second order.(see sheet above). Which implies that beside the direct impact from materials (first order), the  embodied energy and the circular energy,  assumed to be produced by PV as well, are included as production land for the PV to supply that energy. (second order) .  The production of the panels for materials processes are not included ( third order)

The panels to supply the operational energy, are direct material inputs to the system, and therefor the materials impacts of producing these are included. ( separately calculated, and added as component) (first order). As well as the surface area for the panels to function: (second order) .


Not included (yet) : finishing materials & decoration, heating/ventilating/electric equippement, and losses due to exchanges with the grid. ( use of infrastructure etc)

You will find most data in the excell files, there is still work to improve, as also listed under questions to solve.

Excell:  Maxergie 2-0 v4-4 HOUSE 120116

Excell:  MAXergy 2-0 comp PVmc v2 010116