Urban Scale

This website is about MAXergy, which in the current form  can be used to evaluate buildings, or other products/functions. However its suitable to work the other way around: how much can be produced from a given piece of land? A next question is, how to deal with urban environments: built environments that already exist and consume, can the impact be brought back to within the supporting system? And can MAXergy/Embodied Land used for that?

To cover existing built environments, The Urban Harvest approach is developed. Below is a report on the method, and a case study. it turns out that if a existing built environment is pushed to the limit in terms of living from within its own system, very new solutions turn up, paradigm shifts in how we organize our society, and with many social and labor related advantages. Currently a new version is in development and tested. If ready it will be announced here.

in Dutch:

Microsoft Word – Rapport Bestaande Wijk voor Morgen Deel A – Concept

Microsoft Word – Rapport Bestaande Wijk voor Morgen Deel B – Case KW Concept.compressed

in English:

2011 UH+ case Kerkrade West RiBuilT -English 2011