report (Dutch) :EROI and landuse in agriculture,




leaflet: Volhoudbaar landgebruik :volhoudbaar-landgebruik-21jun2021

New Insights, july 2021 ,  Maxergy 3.0 exploration  ( in Dutch, to be translated) ( hernieuwingstijd van bronnen)

soon to follow: everything based on biomass.

report: materials for lightpoles compared with Embodied Land



Orginal documents:

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The “mother document” explaining MAXergy, and the Closed cycle calculation tool based on Embodied Land :

maxergy report -march2013 -with updates 010116

update april 2016 : Update- maxergy discussion details spring 2016 UK and the PPT with pictures: maxergy 2-0 structure v3 webversion


The study for optimal beam selection with MAXergy, a IMDEP research project, Zuyd University of applied Science, by Jos Houben (in Dutch)

IMDEP – Balken uit Hout-Bamboe-Staal-Aluminium – v1.0

the annexes: IMDEP – Balken uit Hout-Bamboe-Staal-Aluminium – v1.0 – Annex X

and the excell with data: MAXergy – Beams out of Wood-Bamboo-Steel-Aluminium – v1.0



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